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Kentucky town elects a dog as mayor

It was a ruff election season for the residents of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. The town of 315 people has a new mayor, 3-year-old pitbull Brynneth Pawltrow, or Brynn for short. Brynn won in a landslide, beating out eight other contenders, including a cat named Stella, a donkey named Higgins, a chicken named Bossy and a little boy. Brynn’s owner, 23-year-old Jordie Bamforth, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the pup ran on a platform of “peace, love and understanding.” “Brynn has declared to be peaceful with any human or animal that comes through Rabbit Hash, especially the cats. Brynn does like to chase the cats around here, but has pledged to refrain from it as much as possible.” — Jordie Bamforth Like any successful political candidate, Brynn has an outgoing personality, although resident Bobbi Kayser said sometimes that turns into “inappropriate licking.” Resident are used to it, though. Brynn is the fourth dog to be elected mayor of Rabbit Hash. According to the AP, the Ohio River town is so small it has no use for an actual mayor, so residents vote for who or whatever they want, as many times as they want, at the cost of $1 per vote. This past election raised nearly $9,000, which will be put toward the restoration of the town’s general store a year after a fire damaged the building.

Stephen Hawking: 'Humans need to leave Earth'

Humans need to ramp up our space exploration efforts, according to Stephen Hawking. Speaking at the Starmus Festival, the physicist warned humankind must prepare for a cosmic exodus that will happen within 500 years. "We have given our planet the disastrous gift of climate change, rising temperatures, the reducing of polar ice caps, deforestation and decimation of animal species," Hawking said. Hawking urged countries to coordinate and create a moon colony in the next 30 years and prepare to reach Mars in the next 15.